Without Distraction


“…that ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction.” (KJV) 1 Corinthians 7:35b

Now, check your Bible and see if you had that verse highlighted. (unless you were at last Wed’s “Pastor’s Study”) That verse came out of nowhere last week and slapped me in the face! I just knew God had slipped in sometime in the night and added a new verse. I’d never paid any attention to that particular passage.
Think about what Paul is saying. “That you may attend upon the Lord without distraction.” Let’s examine this for a moment.

Do you ever attend anything? Most likely. Hopefully, you attend church. You might attend a sporting event or a conference. Think about anything you attend. You make an orchestrated effort to travel to the place and get inside. You then shut the door behind you and focus in on the event. You are there to attend. Do we ever attend upon the Lord? Do we make a carefully calculated movement towards Him? Do we shut the door behind us and focus on nothing but Him? Do we have a time that we meet with Jesus just to attend His presence? Not often enough I’m sure!

Here comes the tough one. Do we attend His presence without distraction? Not usually. We are multitasking while trying to get our minds upon Him and His plans for the day. We check email, scan Facebook, post something in Twitter, answer a phone call, and the list goes on. When was the last time we attended upon the Lord without distraction? If your like me, your saying to yourself, “that’s a tough one”.

I guess that’s why this verse hit me so hard. It’s not that I don’t pray or study the Word. The problem enters with the distraction part. It’s so hard to clear your mind and focus on anything for very long. Let’s practice this today. Start out small. Spend 5, 10, or maybe 30 minutes of uninterrupted attention upon the Lord. See just what a difference it makes!

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