READ LUKE 17:11-19

In Christ’s day no leper could live in a walled town, though he might in an open village. But wherever he was he was required to have his outer garment rent as a sign of deep grief, to go bareheaded, and to cover his beard with his mantle, as if in lamentation at his own virtual death.

They were ordinary men with an extraordinary circumstance. In 2 Kings 5 we are introduced to a man by the name of Naaman. Naaman was captain of the host for the king of Syria, he was a great man and honorable, a mighty man of valour, “but” he was a leper. He was marked not by what great things he had done or by what he had accomplished, but by the fact he was a leper. Compliments and achievements seem to stop at “BUT”.

These lepers all had faith in Jesus and called him Master. They cried out to Him for mercy and believed that he could help them. Christ commanded them to go shew themselves to the priests. As they obeyed Christ command they were made clean.

They DID perform the minimum. They did just enough to get Christ’s attention and He loved them enough to show them the way to receive their healing. As they were healed they went on their merry way and all but one never even took the time to say thanks to THE HEALER.

Nine went on their way but one realized what had just happened and “turned back” to say thanks. They were too busy getting back to the life they once knew to return back to the one that healed them. The “one” realized the importance of giving glory to the Lord and cried out with a loud voice glorifying God. We should never be too busy to give God all the glory for what he has done. The church needs to let her testimony be heard EVERYWHERE!! We should never cease to praise Him for ALL He has done for us!!

We may be sick, downtrodden, in distress but if we turn to the Lord and do what He tells us to do, we can be set totally free. We must not ever forget how we got there and how He brought us through. We must “turn back” and thank the Lord every time. We cannot be too busy to recognize He did it all for us and without Him we would still be in the mess we were in before our healing or salvation took place. With Him all things are truly possible to those that believe.

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