008: The Supreme Motivator

I can’t function without it!  I can’t live without it! That may sound a little extreme, but it’s all too familiar for the drug addict or anyone struggling with an addiction. Until that craving is satisfied, nothing can stand in the way! Their motives and every fiber of their being is driven by a hunger regardless of who they hurt in the process. Maybe, by the grace of God, you don’t suffer from an addiction. Beware! Today behavior experts are recognizing activities that seem perfectly harmless, and even essential to life, as addictions. Food, shopping, and social media are just a few examples of pleasures that have the potential to become obsessive and destructive. Truthfully we are living in an age of addictions. Consequently, as Christians, we must guard our motives, our intentions, our passions. Jesus was tempted with the same distractions that we face today, yet He stayed focused and never once strayed from His mission. What could possibly have moved a King to willingly give up the pleasures of His Kingdom to suffer an agonizing death on a cross for people who hatefully despised and rejected him? Is it even possible for us to have this same divine motivation to do God’s will no matter what the cost? Listen to this podcast to discover what God expects from us.

The Supreme Motivator - May 3am

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