010: The House of the Leper

If you study the life of Jesus, you will find He wasn’t concerned about what others thought about Him. In spite of society’s customs, traditions, or taboos, Jesus submitted Himself to the will of His Father, even ministering to the “rejects” of society. God’s mercy is so eloquently demonstrated in Mark 14:3 as Jesus dines with Simon, the leper. Has God ever challenged you to show mercy to someone who others may have deemed worthless? Just remember at some point, before Jesus came to dwell in our hearts, God looked beyond our fault and saw our need. Without Jesus, we are all just as hopeless as this leper, as destitute as the addict, as unworthy as that prostitute, as condemned as a death-row inmate… Without Jesus, we are just as despicable as those who have viciously hurt us. The truth is, until Jesus visits our dwelling, we are all wretched. As you listen to this podcast episode, whether you have been saved for years, or even if you’ve never received Jesus as Lord and Savior, God has made a way for you to experience His mercy, just as Simon, the leper, did.

The House of the Leper - May 17am




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