The dragon and The Lamb

Dragon and the Lamb - Sun May 1am

As gentle as a lamb…A lamb is a weak and defenseless creature. Yet throughout the Bible, Jesus is referred to as a lamb. It’s easy to understand this depiction when we think of Jesus as the sacrifice for our sins…the Lamb for sinners slain!

But what about in the book of Revelation? Most of us know the book of Revelation is the end…the culmination of events when Jesus puts an end to the devil once and for all…the same devil who has done everything in his power to intimidate, tear down, and deceive as many Christians as he can.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world…

Revelation 12:9

How is a defenseless little lamb going to be a match for a fire breathing dragon?

Stay tuned to this podcast episode to learn more about why you should cling to this little Lamb. Even though the circumstances and trials you are facing are bigger than you, you can rest in this Lamb of God! You don’t have to be smarter or more cunning than the devil! You don’t have to be bigger or stronger than the devil! You don’t have to rise equal with the devil because even when the devil brings his best, God only needs a little Lamb to defeat this dragon once and for all.

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