Second Wind – Part 3

In the creation account in the first few chapters of Genesis, we find that God puts into motion a specific order of things. When we take a look at the workings of nature we find reproduction and increase. When God created man & woman He commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply”.
The Lord expects His design to be a continual thing. Notice that death didn’t enter until the design became flawed by man’s disobedience. Once the design became flawed & corrupted by sin God couldn’t allow it to continue.
How does God fulfill his desire for multiplication & increase? Enter the Savior! The Bible calls Jesus the “last Adam”(1 Cor. 15:45). He came to restore all that Adam gave away. Now we can have a “new birth” & continue with God’s desire for increase. In John 15 Jesus reminds us that we are to be focused on fruitfulness and increase. He goes as far as saying that fruitlessness will be punished. How do we accomplish this great mandate?
A careful examination of the Book of Acts will reveal a continual increase in influence and adherence. Statements such as, “the Lord added to the church daily…”(Acts 2:47) and others (see Acts 5:12,6:7,16:5) let us know the plan & desire of God was in full swing! But remember, Jesus was very specific about the disciples not attempting any of this without the empowering of His Spirit.

So how do you feel we are measuring up today? Leave your comments!


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