Let us adore HIM!

This time of year brings about all sorts of songs & sayings that, like most of our decorations, remain hidden away in storage for most of the year. We sing about the simplicity & splendor of the birth of a special Son but rarely spend much time living it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not wanting to come across as cynical toward the season, I’m simply addressing the need to adore Him year around.
We focus on our shopping lists, family gatherings, work related celebrations, and decorations worthy of the highest acclaim. We seem to frantically organize the season into a rapid trip through the proverbial Christmas village with little time to stop & enjoy it.
“Come let us adore Him…” Sounds so wonderful when lifted to the rafters by a congregation of smiling worshippers! I would like to suggest that we not let that be a line from a song we sing one time a year but a commitment for life. Let us “Adore” Him daily, year around, and with our entire lives! Let us LIVE and adore Him; let us LOVE and adore Him; and let us LEARN to adore Him.
Here’s a few tips to better adore Him this season and all seasons:
1) Come let us WORSHIP Him
Worship Jesus with your time, talents, and treasures.
2) Come let us WORK for Him
Have you found out personally that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive?
3) Come let us WELCOME Him
It isn’t just about His coming to earth nearly 2000 years ago. It’s about His desire to be involved in our lives everyday. Have you welcomed Him into your traditions this season? More importantly, have you welcomed Him to be the Lord of your life?

Let me know how you plan to “adore” Him in the comments section.

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  • Lynn Bouse

    Jesus is so wonderful.I am so blessed that he chose me to adore Him.My prayer is that my whole family will be saved so they can experiance that wonderful relationship and adore Him like I do.