032: Let Down


I shouldn’t have done it, but I trusted them! I let my guard down, and they hurt me!

Can you relate?

Nobody likes being vulnerable. Even the best of us build up barriers around our lives, and occasionally, open up and let someone in . . . until they hurt us. Then the wall goes right back up!

Or maybe it’s not people, but you’ve put your trust in a world of other things that is just as sure to fail.

People will let you down . . . careers will let you down . . . things will let you down! Whatever your passion, it will eventually let you down. And yes, you will eventually let your own self down.

Have you been there? One disappointment right after another. There are times in our lives we get let down, places that God allows us to go through. Sometimes it may seem so unfair, but God is a good, loving, perfect God. You can trust Him with everything!

Maybe you are a Christian, but still feel like you must stay guarded for fear of being hurt or disappointed. You’re afraid to commit all you’ve got. You feel like you’ve got to have a plan B, a way out, just in case this God thing doesn’t work out.  

Is that you?  

People will hurt and disappoint you, and you will do the same to them. But when you’re secure in Christ, you have nothing to lose. You can let everything down! No more reservations! No more guards! No more fears of being let down! Because unlike people, Christ will never fail you. You can trust Him because He loves you with a perfect love!

If you’ve tasted the goodness of the Lord, you know there’s nothing worth going back to. No matter how great the hurt, even when the pain seems unbearable, it’s still better than a life without God.

 Like Elisha, in I Kings 19:19-21, burn the oxen, the yoke, and the plow! Don’t leave yourself anything to go back to! Let all the past hurts and disappointments go! Let all your preconceptions about life go! Let all your plans go because Christ is the only way that will lead to life.

Tune in to this podcast episode and make up your mind to live for Christ! There’s no turning back!

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