Daddy and Me


Today I’m enjoying a “Daddy-Daughter” day while my wife attends the E-Women’s conference. The first place my daughter, Anna, always wants to go is Chick-fil-A. The plan is always the same: order food, eat food, watch Anna enjoy the playground till her heart’s content. Somehow, “Daddy-Daughter” day has a way of becoming “what ever daughter wants to do” day. My 6 year old has already asked if we can go to the toy store after we’re finished here. But that’s ok with me. The older she gets the more I’m enjoying these times.
This outing today has led me to some soul searching. While sitting here I’ve begun thinking about my own relationship with my Heavenly Father. For Anna, me taking her places & being with her is what it’s all about, but when we grow up that’s not what it’s about. I began realizing that much of my time with the Lord has been spent with me acting like a small child. Expecting our time together to be about whatever He can do to “make my day”. I do understand that He enjoys being with us, but when it comes down to it it’s really all about Him!
I think the Lord is trying to tell me something. The picture in this post came from my daughter’s kid’s meal. Thank you Lord for being patient even when I try to make it all about me!

p.s. As if right on cue, here comes Anna suggesting that we go home & make cookies for the neighbors & invite them to church! I think I’m starting to get the hint : )

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  • Aww… your post made me realise, how I completely enjoy my time with my nephew… He turns six in June!! Our time, is a special time… he looks forward to spending the weekend with me… as also the weekdays… (he always finds a new way to ask his dad to drop him off at my place after school)!! thank you… for making me feel so blessed to have him in my life!!

    It is true… that as we get older, we begin to spend less time… being the children of God! We think, we’ve grown up.. till a little child walks straight into our lives… and reminds us how precious we are… to OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!!