Anointed Addiction!

We are certainly an “addicted” society aren’t we? Everywhere you look there’s a new addiction plaguing humanity. Everything from the not-so deadly to the extremely lethal. I remember, while working in a previous management position, an individual coming in to apply for a job. He was hoping to get an interview that day, but when he fell out in the floor completely wasted that pretty well ended that. As it turns out, he was addicted to a prescription pain-killer and it was very obvious. It’s very heartbreaking to see a world so confused and lost.

The good news is not all addictions are bad. (No, I’m not trying to legalize anything!) The truth is God actually expects us to be addicts. Yep, you heard right! Check this out:

“…they have ADDICTED themselves to the ministry of the saints” – 1 Cor. 16:15

Yes, that’s good ol’ KJV. The Apostle Paul was complimenting a certain group of individuals who had “addicted themselves”. That’s the way he described someone who was truly devoted to the Lord and His church.


Every negative addiction we see in society around us is simply an imitation of how God expects us to serve Him. Jesus said we must be willing to forsake everything for Him – sounds like an addict to me! When you find someone willing to sell, forsake, and sacrifice everything for what they view as valuable, you’ve met an addict.


Let’s look at four principles of an “anointed addiction”.

  1. They were “addicts. This simply means that they were obsessive and compulsive toward a certain thing. In this instance it is the service of the Lord. Does this describe your relationship with Jesus?
  2. They “addicted themselves”. No pep talk needed. No “we missed you at church” phone calls needed. One pastor I know used to tell his church that he didn’t mind giving them a bottle, but he wasn’t going to move their false teeth to do it!
  3. They were addicted to “the ministry of the saints”. Notice it doesn’t say the ministry “for” the saints, but “of”. We have become so inward focused the church is having little effect on a lost world around us. They loved God, His church, His presence, His people, as well as the lost world around them!
  4. They “refreshed” Paul’s spirit. In verse 18 of 1 Cor. Paul lets us know what a blessing this kind of believer is. He stated what is lacking among most is addiction! Isn’t it refreshing to be around new believers? There is such a thankfulness and zeal for God that is many times lacking in our midst. Are you a refreshing to God’s kingdom?

Could the Apostle Paul say of us that we have “addicted ourselves to the Lord’s ministry”? The Lord Jesus Christ was absolutely addicted to the Father’s will. He is expecting no less from the church He purchased!

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