This is a guest post by Rev. Jennifer Miller. It was originally part of a devotional email that she sends out to the youth of Impact Student Ministries here at Victory Assembly. It was thought provoking enough for me to want to publish it here for your enrichment – enjoy!

“And ye shall seek me and find me when ye shall seek me with all of your heart.”
Jeremiah 29:13
I have this scripture verse written in the front of my Bible. It serves me as a reminder, that God is waiting on me. He is not millions of miles away, sitting on a throne in Heaven, unconcerned with me or my life. On the contrary, He is here and desires to fellowship with me, and help me, and guide me. But He has one stipulation… We must seek Him with all of our heart. And in this lies the problem. So often we give pieces of our heart away, we could not possibly seek God with all of our heart. Friends, family, school, work, extra curricular activities, entertainment, and other relationships bide for our attention and time. If we do not prioritize we find that by the end of the day, we have nothing left to offer God. Even in worship services, we only half heartily praise God. Our hearts and minds are in other places and not focused on the Lord. And yet we still wonder why God does not show up. If only we were to turn our passion and affection to God! What a difference there would be in our services as well as our personal lives if we were to truly seek God with all of our heart. So I challenge you today, don’t just offer God your leftovers, but all of your heart!

Jennifer Miller serves as Youth Pastor & Director of Impact Student Ministries at Victory Assembly of God. You can find out more information by going to or by emailing her at

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