7 Things That Help Me Focus


This is a guest post by Pastor Ron Edmondson. You can read more about him at www.ronedmondson.com.

I’m fairly productive as a person, but the truth is, I get distracted easily and have a hard time staying focussed at times. There are a few things that help me focus. I’ve listed a few here.

Here are 7 things that help me focus:

Rest – It could be a 10 minute walk or a nap, but taking a break from what I’m doing helps me better focus when I return to the work.

Deadlines – I work better under pressure. I sometimes set my own deadlines. If I put a task on my calendar or if I schedule the steps to completion, I’m usually disciplined enough to meet the deadline.

Passion – If I’m passionate about a project…I mean really passionate…I’ll invest the energy and stayed focussed to complete the task.

Encouragement – It may seem petty, but sometimes one well-worded email can break a period of distraction and push me to focus on the task.

Success – Following a big “win” I’m motivated to work for another. Honestly, it’s usually a short-lived window of opportunity, but if I strike “while the iron is hot” I can “seize the day”.

Exercise – I’m less disciplined, less motivated, and less content when I’m out of my exercise routine. Exercise gives me the stamina to do the things I need to do.

Systems – If there is a system in place, I’m more likely to stay focussed to completion.

Do you have a problem with focus? What helps you stay focussed?

Could any of these help you?

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