How will you be remembered? How do you want to be remembered. One day, if natural law has its way, you will be placed in a box of some sort in front of a crowd of people. Someone will stand over you and make remarks based upon how you lived and the decisions you made. In that moment, you will have no influence over what is said or what people think.

Discover your why!

Being a pastor, I’ve preached my share of funerals. I’ve conducted services for the elderly all the way down to tiny infants. From those who were expecting to pass away to those who met with some unexpected tragedy.  All of them have one thing in common: there’s no input that day from the casket.

So, with that stark reality resting freshly upon your mind, what is your WHY? Why do you do what you do – good or bad? Have you ever even considered your why?

If we were standing over your casket today, what would we say about who you were? What you lived for or cared about? How would the people closest to you describe you? Did you live passionately for something intentional and eternal?

Why is possibly your greatest life question! It basically governs every decision and direction of your life. To determine what you’re doing with your life, you must first discover and define your why – but how?


How many times has life “just happened” to you? Take a hard look at what you want the end to look like. Look at all that God’s Word promises and move toward God’s vision for your future. Stop letting things happen to you and start making things happen – Jesus did!

I know we can not control every aspect of life, but we also do not have to be a victim to everything in life either. I do not believe in luck; luck is for those who let stuff happen. Decide where you want to be, where you want to go, and what you want to accomplish.



It establishes where you need to go. It keeps you from running through life hoping to accidentally end up at a desirable location.


This is about priorities. A clearly defined why encourages you to honestly “lay aside every weight” in your life. (Heb. 12:1) The truth is, some things, and even some people, can’t go with you. Some won’t go with you. It’s time to decide whether you want to live for your why or someone else’s.


This deals with endurance and perseverance. If your why is a compelling one you will find the tenacity to push forward. People give up when they no longer have a sufficient why. 

So what is your why? Have you defined it? What’s keeping you from taking a hard look at your life and future? The Bible describes life as a vapor – here for a little while and gone the next. You have one life – DO SOMETHING THAT COUNTS!

Leave me you thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to know your why!

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  • When I leave this world I want people to know that I was a Godly woman ! I want to know my
    light shined for the Lord, and that the love in me was a true gift from God.

    • jkmckee


  • Tim Nichols

    I don’t mean to sound super spiritual,but I want to live a Godly life,[what of it that’s left].And when I’m gone,I hope I can leave a Godly impression with those who knew me.I’ve lived over 25 years of my life running from God and His plans for my life and I don’t intend on wasting one more day not living for Him.It is my desire to take as many souls to heaven with me as I possibly can and I hope and pray that even my physical death will be used as a opportunity to bring others into the Kingdom.

    • jkmckee

      Yes! That’s exactly the why we should have as believers!