Rom 8:31

Hab. 2:14

043: All Things New Part 2

Part 2: A New Creature


God will make all things new!

The only way you and I can come to God is by a new and living way . . . that is through the supreme sacrifice Jesus made on the cross of Calvary.

If God makes all things new, in order for His Spirit to reside in you, you must be new! You can’t put new wine in old bottles, neither can you sew a new cloth to an old garment. Your old nature can’t receive the things of God.  You must be born again!

God has made a way to make you a completely new creature! That means every day, your relationship with Him, your walk with Christ must be ongoing . . . perpetually new!

I’ve been born again, but I don’t feel very new!  I started my walk with Christ, but find myself constantly struggling with my old nature. I thought I was a new creature . . . I’ve been saved for many years . . . so why am I still battling with these temptations to stop or go back to the old things.

Can you relate?

No, that’s not me! I’ve never experienced this salvation. I would love to experience a new life, but honestly, I feel too far gone to be saved . . . it’s just too late to change . . . too much baggage, too many scars.

Do you want to be all new?  Don’t ignore that longing inside. God wants to make you all new.

Tune in to this podcast episode. Find out what it means to become a new creature in Christ.

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