041: All Things New

Part 1: A New & Living Way

I know I need to quit! This habit is going to destroy me. I’ll join a support group or go through counseling. If I can just stop, I’ll be a better person. Sound familiar? Maybe, by the grace of God, you don’t suffer from a life controlling addiction, but you’ve got problems just the same. You want a better life for yourself and your family. You want to do better, but all your efforts have failed.

God hasn’t called you to be a better person. In fact, God’s purpose can’t even be fulfilled in your life until you get out of the way. Self has to die! You can’t be better! None of us . . . not in this human flesh . . . not by our own efforts . . . No human can live up to the standards of a Holy God. You must die to yourself and let Christ take over.

Have you lost hope in trying to make things right? Tune in to this podcast episode. As you listen, understand that God doesn’t want to make you better. He wants to make you brand new by the blood of Jesus.


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