034: The Gospel Is . . .


The Gospel . . . It’s the good news!

Oh yeah, I heard the Gospel once. I walked down the aisle of a church many years ago and said the sinner’s prayer. It felt good at the time . . . relieved my guilty conscience. I’m glad I did it, but I’m a very private person. I just can’t show up every time the church doors are open.

Can you relate?

I made my peace with God so I’m set, right? I don’t want to get too fanatical about Jesus. I mean I respect those who do, but it’s just not my style.

Why is it that some devote a whole lifetime to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while others treat it as nothing more than an insurance policy to protect themselves from destruction?

The Gospel is more than just a one-time experience. It’s a story that never grows old! The Gospel is ever unfolding, full of mystery and wonder, treasured by all those who pursue its truths. If you think you know all there is to know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I challenge you to tune in to this podcast episode. A whole lifetime of study and devotion could never exhaust the richness of the Gospel.

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