027: Untempered


Today, you can’t just throw a building together and call it done. First, a building permit must be obtained. Then there are strict building codes and standards that must be met which usually means hiring an architect. Preparing and laying a solid foundation are crucial. After the construction phase, ultimately, the building must be deemed safe and useable by an inspector.

When all these things are in place, when blueprints and codes are followed, if inferior building materials are used to cut costs, the structure might be compromised. Even the best building is not without its flaws, and a storm will reveal any imperfections in the structure that need to be repaired.

The same can be said for our lives. We are a building in the making, and God is the chief architect. He has a plan for what He wants our life to be. If we will just submit, God knows exactly what needs to be done to make us useable to Him.

Maybe you feel like God has been working overtime on your building and you’re not sure how much more pressure you can take. But God is a master builder! He knows where all your flaws and weaknesses are.  Stay tuned to this podcast episode and be encouraged. Just trust the builder and submit to His plan.

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