022: You Didn’t Now You Can’t

You Didn't Now You Can't - Sun Dec 27am

People need peace and will do anything to get it! Sinful relationships! Alcohol! Drugs! Occult practices! You name it and people have tried it, but are left just as unsatisfied as before. Less destructive, but just as costly attempts are made in self-help books, counseling, and support groups. Sadly, the end result is still a life with no peace, no hope, and no meaning.

As a Christian, you may be thinking this is a no brainer. If all else fails, why don’t you just try Jesus? Just believe for goodness sake! However, according to John 12:39, it is quite possible for someone to reach a point in their life that they no longer have the capacity to believe. After repeatedly saying no to God’s mercy and grace, they become so calloused and so insensitive that they can’t ever feel that conviction ever again. That’s something I wouldn’t want to gamble with!

Are you saved? If Jesus is your personal savior, then there was a point in time when you responded to the initial work of God’s spirit. That was the start of your walk with God. What about right now? He’s not finished with you yet! How often do you feel the tugging of God’s Holy Spirit and don’t respond? Or have you become so indifferent that you don’t even feel God’s presence?

Whether you’re saved or not, we all have had one opportunity after another to respond to God’s Holy Spirit. Is the Holy Ghost convicting you right now to repent and draw closer to God? Do you just ignore the leading of the Spirit and choose to do your own thing thinking you’ll respond when it’s more convenient? Now is the time to answer God’s calling because there may come a time when you can’t.

As you listen to this podcast episode, I pray you begin to cherish the presence of God and never take for granted the moving of the sweet Holy Spirit. Every time you feel that Spirit, just believe and know the Holy Spirit is working in your life because God wants to make you a vessel He can use! If you think your heart is beyond believing like those in John 12:39, all you have to do is start crying out to God. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! I believe, please help my unbelief!

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