014: Where It All Went Wrong

Whether you’ve been saved for many years or just starting your walk with Christ, we all can become distracted from God’s truth. Have you ever been tempted to participate in something you know is not Christ-like? Temptations are everywhere, coming at us from all points in our life, even from the “Christian” culture. It’s so easy to let our guard down when everyone else is partaking, including fellow Christians. Just one look, one taste, one time! One minute won’t hurt! Or will it? Don’t be fooled by the devil’s devices! When God gives you a word, and convicts your heart, obey to the very end. Recall the story of the Man of God and the old prophet in I Kings chapter 13. As you listen to this podcast episode realize just what can happen if we relax our walk with Christ.

Where It All Went Wrong - July 12 ampm

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