013: A Father’s Promise

Living in such a materialistic society, we’ve become so spoiled it’s hard to distinguish between what’s really a need and what’s really a want. We spend so much time and energy amassing things: building a little kingdom for ourselves here on earth. We say we trust God’s provision to meet our needs, yet we still stress and worry needlessly over acquiring possessions that bring us fleeting moments of pleasure.  We make plans and pursue dreams that in the end amount to nothing.   Like most kids, we thoughtlessly ask our Heavenly Father for things, with no regard for His will on the matter. Similar to a vending machine, we pop in a prayer and expect God to give us stuff in return. However, if we could just get a glimpse of His eternal plan, all these requests would pale in comparison with what God really wants for us. In fact, the Bible tells us in Luke 12:32 that our Heavenly Father takes pleasure in giving us, not just earthly things, but His Kingdom. Whatever we ask of God always falls short of what God wants for us. God already knows what we need before we ask; He’s more interested in our motives for asking. If earthly treasures are leaving you unsatisfied, then tune in to this podcast episode and take a look at what God wants for you right now and what He has promised for you in the future. Be reassured that your Heavenly Father’s eternal promises will never fail!

A Fathers Promise

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