011: Walk It Out

Scholars, both biblical and secular alike, agree Jesus was crucified on a cross. As a Christian, this crucifixion becomes personal. Jesus took all my guilt and shame, died an agonizing death on the cross for my sins, so that I don’t have to die and suffer an eternity in hell. Right? However, in Matthew 16:24, Jesus said “…If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Take up what cross? I didn’t even know I had a cross! I thought when I accepted Christ as savior all my burdens and the suffering shifted to Jesus on His cross. Could it be that the truth of the cross has been diluted, and even redefined by traditions and customs of man? It’s no surprise that satan, with all his devices, should launch an attack against the very instrument that leads to our salvation. If you want a fresh look at what the Bible says about the cross, then tune in to this podcast episode; and as you listen keep in mind what you do with the cross determines what God does with you.

Walk It Out - Wed. April 1

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